Saturday, 10 December, 2022

Usha Uthup’s new Bengali song ‘Mon Manche Na Aar’

Usha Uthup’s new Bengali song ‘Mon Manche Na Aar’

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Renowned Indian singer Usha Uthup has released her new single titled ‘Mon Manche Na Aar’ recently. The song, a poetic rendition of a love story deep in nostalgia, has been written by Rajib Dutta and composed by Suvajit Ray, reports PTI.

It was with Hindusthan Record that Uthup recorded her first Bengali song ‘Aha Tumi Sundari Koto Kolkata’ 44 years ago in 1978.

“It is sort of a homecoming for me. It felt wonderful to sing this beautiful song for INRECO & Hindusthan Record.

“I am forever thankful to my music composers, lyricists, audio companies, producers and above all, the listeners, for still showering their love on me and making me sing new songs. I am really thankful to Dev for coming over to share my joy,” Uthup said.