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Anjuman Aziz Charitable Trust joins UNICEF council

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  • 26 October, 2022 12:00 AM
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Anjuman Aziz Charitable Trust joins UNICEF council
Trustees of Anjuman and Aziz Charitable Trust Muhammad Aziz Khan, Dr Hanns Kendel and Dr Christian Prokopp pose for a photo with UNICEF Executive Director Catherine Russell, UNICEF Director of Private Fundraising and Partnerships Carla Haddod Mordiniat at a launching ceremony of their partnership in Copenhagen recently.

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UNICEF Bangladesh will help address the learning crisis caused by the Covid-19 pandemic, enabling 3,000 vulnerable children re-enter education and catch up on their classes.

In honour of their generous contribution to children in Bangladesh,  Anjuman Aziz Khan and Muhammed Aziz Khan were invited to join UNICEF’s International Council in Copenhagen. They are the first Council members to join from Bangladesh.

The Anjuman and Aziz Charitable Trust (AACT) has pledged to continue support to UNICEF Bangladesh enabling education of some of the most disadvantaged out-of-school children in Bangladesh, many of whom were forced to drop out of school during the pandemic.

“Every child is the future, if we want a future we must enable the child, that via education. Education is not only children’s right, it’s our survival,” said Muhammed Aziz Khan, Founder and Chairman of Summit Group.

He is also the Founder and Trustee of the Anjuman and Aziz Charitable Trust (AACT).

The inspiration to support Dhaka South came from Muhammed Aziz Khan’s deep roots in businesses which started in Dhaka’s Chawk Bazar and Urdu Road.

“This generous and extraordinary contribution is a testament to the Khans’ commitment to the rights and needs of children," Sheldon Yett, UNICEF Representative to Bangladesh.

"UNICEF is grateful for this donation from the Anjuman and Aziz Charitable Trust which will help meet the education needs of many of the country’s most vulnerable children,” Yett said.

The UNICEF International Council is an unique community of people – many from the world’s leading business families and global influencers – who bring together their funding, influence and expertise to help children across the world.

The Khan family were welcomed to the UNICEF International Council at its annual symposium.