Monday, 28 November, 2022

Bonsai exhibition begins in Rajshahi

RAJSHAHI: A four-day Bonsai exhibition began in Rajshahi on Friday aimed at making the Bonsai culture popular among common people along with disseminating its economic values reports BSS. 

Rajshahi Bonsai Society arranged the fair at the Green Plaza of Rajshahi City Corporation with the support of Home Stone Limited.  

Former Secretary of Anti Corruption Commission Abu Muhammad Mustafa Kamal and former principal of Rajshahi College Prof Habibur Rahman addressed the inaugural event of the exhibition as chief and special guest respectively with RBS president Syed Mahfuz-E Towheed in the chair.

During his welcome address, RBS Treasurer Esrar Ali illustrated the various aspects of Bonsai culture and its positive impact on the society.

Terming the Bonsai practice as an art of precision, Mustafa Kamal said it can play a vital role in reducing social crimes.

Highlighting the various other aspects of Bonsai culture he said the country could earn a lot of foreign currency through the export of quality Bonsai to the developed countries.

Some 65 Bonsai-lovers are participating in the exhibition with 240 Bonsai of 45 species.

Many varieties of Bonsai are on display at the exhibition, with banyan, 'pakur', fig, tamarind, Bougainvillea, Epil Epil and even pine trees done in various formations like formal upright, slanting, broom and rock-style.

Some of the works are in a landscape format with small clay houses and bamboo bridges. Many tree lovers throng the exhibition to view and buy the dwarfed trees.

Bonsai is a Japanese word meaning planted in a container. The origin of the art can be traced back thousand years. Bonsai is the art of making miniature life-size trees.

The exhibition will remain open for the visitors from 10:00am to 8:00pm till Monday.