Saturday, 26 November, 2022

No slackening of guard against enemies

Satan did never turn into a saint; likewise, Bangladesh’s enemies including the defeated forces of 1971 and their present-day lackeys did not put down their weapons for a moment and refrain from waging wars against the country and its people, nor will they do so until the doomsday. This has been going on since Bangladesh became independent and took its destiny in its own hand. They tried in thousand and one ways to undo whatever achievement has the country made so far. One of their major means of realising this heinous objective is anti-Bangladesh propaganda campaign based on falsehood and distortion of facts.

The so called missing of Khulna’s Rahima Begum is a case in point. From the latest development following her detection by police from a house in Faridpur, it seems that she went into hiding by herself - at least the initial indications say so. What the enemies of Bangladesh did with this isolated incident? Making a mountain out of a molehill, they deliberately made the incident of wilful and pre-planned missing an issue of enforced disappearance with the ulterior motive of tarnishing the image of Bangladesh internationally.

However, Rahima Begum’s incidence is just the tip of the iceberg: these dark forces are always bent on depicting a wrong picture of Bangladesh distorting every possible incident on the social media. They even dare to deny the unprecedented socio-economic progress that the country has made under the wise leadership of Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina. The countrymen should always remain alert against the conspiracies of these anti-Bangladesh coteries. While addressing a reception accorded to her in New York on Saturday, Sheikh Hasina called upon the Bangladeshi expatriates to give a befitting reply to their propaganda campaign against the country and the government by spreading false and fabricated information.

What Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina said is a reminder of our obligation to the nation; every patriotic person should always stand in guard against the enemies to protect the image and interest of Bangladesh. There is no scope of slackening of our vigilance even for a moment; the more diehard the enemies are, the more resolute our fight against them should be.