Tuesday, 29 November, 2022

Nagad offers cash back on payment of Mastercard

Nagad offers cash back on payment of Mastercard

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Nagad, the mobile financial service of the Bangladesh Post Office, has brought a cash back offer of up to Taka 400 on Mastercard credit card bill payments.

To get this offer, the consumers must save their Bangladesh Bank-approved Mastercard credit cards in the Nagad app.

The Nagad app has the facility to pay bills by adding Bangladesh Bank-approved debit or credit cards, said a press release, reports BSS.

A credit card bill can be paid instantly by going to the "Bill Pay" option of Nagad and clicking on the "Credit Card Bill" payment option. In this way, a customer will get 1.5 percent cash back on two cycles or up to a maximum of Taka 400.

This benefit will be available for both the newly saved cards and cards that were saved previously in the Nagad app.

This cash back will be disbursed in two cycles. The first cycle, which started on 21st of this month, will continue till October 20, 2022.

A 1.5 per cent or a maximum of Taka 200 cash back will be available if anyone saves or pays the bill from a newly saved Mastercard credit card.

Later, the second cycle will run from October 21 to November 30, 2022. During this time, if anyone pays the bill from a MasterCard credit card, he or she will get 1.5 percent cashback or a maximum of Taka 200.

A consumer can get cash back only once from one bank card in a cycle. But, they will get this benefit again in the new cycle.

Customers can avail this facility from multiple banks' Mastercard cards in the same cycle and in that case the consumer will get maximum cash back of Taka 200.

To activate the offer, the consumer must first select "Bill Pay" from the Nagad app. Then they have to select "Credit Card".

In the next step, select "Mastercard Credit Card Bill". Then select "Remember Me" and select "Proceed". Select "MasterCard Credit Card Bill" from the next list. Set the bill amount and press next with the PIN.

Finally, tap and hold the bottom of the screen to complete the transaction.

About getting this cash back facility, Sheikh Aminur Rahman, the chief business officer of Nagad, said, "We've started this cash back campaign as we want to make them more interested in this matter. We hope consumers will no longer have to wait in line at the banks to pay their bills. They will get this benefit from Nagad."