Monday, 28 November, 2022

‘Shikhandi Kotha’ at Mahila Samity today

Theatre troupe Mahakal Natya Sampraday will stage two shows of their much-acclaimed production ‘Shikhandi Kotha’ today and tomorrow.

The 183the show of the play will be staged at Nilima Ibrahim Auditorium of Bangladesh Mahila Samity today and the troupe will stage the 184th show at the Studio Theatre Hall of Bangladesh Shilpakala Academy tomorrow.

Written by Anan Zaman and directed by Rashid Harun, ‘Shikhandi Kotha’ sheds light on a group of Hijra (literally known as transgender community but they want their identity as third gender, neither man nor woman) and their common joys, woes and frustrations of everyday lives.

‘Shikhandi Kotha’ narrates the story of a transgender individual, who takes birth into a family as Ratan in a village named Hijaltali.

When the boy reaches his adolescence, Ratan discovers a different gender in him and becomes Hijra with feminine gender identity. As Ratan’s gender problem reveals, the family refuses to accept him.

Ratan joins a Hijra community and takes the name Ratna. The story revolves around the woes of Ratna and other Hijras as well as rare blissful moments.

The cast of the play includes Poly Biswas, Humayun Samrat, Ripon Farazi, Surela Nazim, Md Shahnewaz, Syed Ferdous Ekram, Quamruzzaman Shobuj, Syed Lutfar Rahman, Iqbal Chowdhury, Faruq Ahmed Sentu, Bithun Ahmed, Sathi, Samiul Jibon Mir Zahid Hassan and others.