Tuesday, 27 September, 2022

Inordinate delay in delivering justice

It is appalling at the same time perturbing that Dhaka Medical College Hospital (DMCH) authorities did not provide the medical report of the murder of Bangladesh Chhatra League (BCL) leader Rakib Hossain, who was killed in the capital’s Karail area in December 2018, barring the Police Bureau of Investigation (PBI) from submitting the charge sheet of the murder case lodged by the victim’s father almost three years and nine months ago. No explanation or excuse from the DMCH authorities for such a delay can be acceptable since their ineffectiveness has delayed the case proceedings to such a level enough to frustrate the victim’s family.

According to a report in yesterday Daily Sun, at least 30 attempts of the investigation officer (IO) for seeking a medical report went in vain because of the hospital's authorities. As the reason for this impediment, the authorities said of the transfer of the physician who provided treatment for Rakib. However, it is stupendous to stick the whole procedure of a murder case to such a silly reason. Actually, what the DMCH authorities has said as the reason for this deplorable delay expresses nothing but their extreme callousness. If they are so apathetic to a serious issue like a murder case and an IO has to face such non-cooperation from the hospital authorities, the suffering of common people for getting such services is worth mentioning.

On the other side of the coin, the delay in the investigation for reluctant hospital authorities is hindering justice, which is, in other words, denial of justice. It has actually become acceptable in our country that justice would be delayed, even for decades in some cases, which is considered the main reason for the increasing number of criminal offences, including murder, rape etc.

True enough that our law-enforcement agencies are frequently blamed for making unusual delays in submitting charge sheets, resulting in hindrances in justice. And now it seems that other responsible and related individuals and authorities also following them. However, to establish rule of law, everyone has to play their respective role properly.

Anyway, the state organs must ensure that the Rakib murder case, along with other pending cases, will be solved as soon as possible and that every individual or organisation will provide their helping hand if needed. They must not let continue cases for infinite time and make our motherland a wasteland.