Sunday, 25 September, 2022

532 new vehicles hitting Dhaka streets every day

At least 532 new vehicles hit the already jam-packed streets in the capital every day, making the government’s efforts to free the streets from the nagging congestion a distant dream. 

Bangladesh Road Transport Authority (BRTA) statistic shows that 112,937 vehicles got the registration alone in Dhaka in last seven months.

It means at least 532 vehicles are getting registered every day. Against the backdrop, the length of roads under the two city corporations is not increasing to take the huge pressure of traffic.

According to the BRTA statistics,1,284 buses, 90 mini buses, 9,521 private cars, 5,860 jeeps, 4,155 microbuses, 77,774 motorcycles, 61 special purpose vehicles and other vehicles ply the streets from January to July this year.

Talking to the Daily Sun, ATM Kamrul Islam Tang, secretary of BRTA, said, “We are going to make driving licences mandatory for the people who will buy motorcycles from September this year to control the registration of motorcycle.”

Experts said in recent years, the vehicles are uncontrolled. As a result of this, there is unbearable traffic congestion in every lane of the capital from morning till late night.

According to the BRTA, Dhaka streets accommodate a total of 324,306 private cars at present.

Public buses can take 30-50 passengers at a time depending on the size of the bus. In contrast, private cars can take only 3-4 passengers altogether. Therefore, it causes huge traffic congestion in Dhaka.

Sarwar Jahan, Professor of Urban and Regional Planning Department at BUET, told the Daily Sun, “Currently on an average, 300 people are living in each acre of land in Dhaka. It is very high. Firstly, we have to control the density of the population.” “Secondly, the public transportation system is in a bad shape in the capital. Most of the buses and minibuses plying in the capital are old and ramshackle,” he added.

He said, “It is our failure that we have failed to develop a better public transport system and such thing encourages people to buy private transport. We have to develop a well-organised public transport system to control vehicles in the capital.”

“For lack of proper time management in public transport, people cannot reach their destinations at scheduled times. The number of private cars is increasing due to such lack of management in public transport sector,” said the BUET professor.

He also said private cars are increasing at unusual rates in recent years. But the public transport is not growing at that rate.

In 2010, the number of different types of registered vehicles in the capital was 575,501. After 12.5 years, the number of roads in the capital has not increased, but the total number of vehicles has increased manifold.

At present, the total number of registered vehicles in the capital is 1,893,534 till July 2022, according to the BRTA statistics.

Last year, some 150,561 vehicles were registered in the capital while the number was 118,254 in 2020, according the BRTA statistics.

According to the BRTA act, the organisation will give registration, fitness and route permit of vehicles. BRTA will renew the route permit.