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Call for more participation of women-led entrepreneurs

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  • 19 August, 2022 12:00 AM
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Call for more participation of women-led entrepreneurs
A guest speaks at a workshop organised by United Nations at the Six Seasons Hotel in the capital on Thursday.

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The United Nations in Bangladesh organised a gender-responsive procurement workshop to increase participation of businesses owned or led by women in UN supply chain.

The workshop, held on Thursday at the Six Seasons Hotel in Dhaka, is said to be the first step towards reducing gender gap in UN supply chains.

Around one 150 representatives from various women-owned organisations and businesses across the country attended the half-day long workshop.

The participants learned about gender-responsive procurement processes, the United Nations Global Market, and associated business opportunities.

The procurement leads from the UN Agencies introduced the UN Global Marketplace platform to the participants and guided them through the registration process, solicitation stage, and bidding preparations.

Eventually this will help and encourage women vendors and entrepreneurs to get into the UN procurement system pipeline.

On behalf of UN Country Team, Gitanjali Singh, Country Representative of UN Women, said gender responsive procurement is more than just increasing women’s participation.

It is to pay attention to socially responsible policies and practices, including in sourcing and buying. 

This approach advocates for creating opportunities and outcomes not only for women owned but also for women-led and gender-responsive businesses, she said.

Appreciating the effort, Sonia Shobhan from Soptodha Polli Crafts & Fashion said, “This workshop has been very effective and would benefit women entrepreneurs across the country. It would be very useful if UN

can organise these resourceful workshops at the divisional level.”

The workshop also provided a platform for the women-led organisations to network and discuss how gender-responsive procurement can contribute to the growth and prosperity of their businesses. 

The UN is committed to leverage gender-responsive procurement (GRP) as part of its Business Operations Strategy and to create equal opportunities and outcomes for women.

The workshop was led and conducted by the UN OMT (Operational Management Team) procurement team of Bangladesh.