Sunday, 25 September, 2022

‘Mission Kotipoti’ to be aired on RTV today

‘Mission Kotipoti’ to be aired on RTV today

A single-episode drama titled ‘Mission Kotipoti’ will be aired on RTV at 8:00pm today. Written by Momor Rubel, the drama has been directed by Alamgir Sagar.

Irfan Sajjad, Parsa Evan played lead roles in the drama. 

The story of the drama revolves around Akash, who comes to Dhaka for the first time. In the evening, he is walking along the deserted road and looking for a hotel for overnight stay. Suddenly, two boys came to him and took out the knife.

However, Akash was not afraid and said with a smile to the robbers that they seemed to be the sons of a noble house. Why they are doing this? They said they are doing this to fulfill their girlfriend’s demand. Then Akash said there is no need to rob. Because, he has an idea. Then the story of the drama continued.