Sunday, 25 September, 2022

Robbery in broad daylight!

Robbery in broad daylight!

Are robbers becoming increasingly audacious?  We cannot help but raise this question as an epidemic of street crimes has afflicted towns and cities across the country, with armed thugs looting jewellery shops, robbing passengers of moving buses and pillaging goods-laden vehicles on the highway. A series of recent alarming incidents of robbery indicate that the criminals are getting ever more daring.

A particularly appalling incident took place on Wednesday at noon when armed groups stormed into a jewellery shop in Keraniganj area and looted gold and cash from the safe after shooting its owner. The incident in broad daylight had drawn many onlookers but none intervened in fear of their lives. Moreover, it was kind of a challenge to the law enforcers to stop them!

Several other incidents of jewellery robbery took place in recent times. This is just one of countless spots where armed robbers are active. Daring incidents of robbery are taking place from time to time in the outskirts of Dhaka and other parts of the country. In a city where a large number of policemen are seen patrolling it is difficult to understand how such a brazen incident of robbery can take place, even in broad daylight.

It is giving rise to a climate of fear and unease. It is obvious that no business can thrive and no one can live in peace in this atmosphere of fear. The way the law enforcement agencies dealing with the case of escalating incidents of robbery gives no comfort to the citizens. Apparently, many of the criminals and their ring leaders are getting away with such crimes.

Therefore, urgent measures must be taken to crack down on the gangs of street criminals and robbers. Perhaps the law enforcers can replicate the successful model of eliminating militancy to put an end to this epidemic rise in crimes to protect the lives and property of helpless citizens. It is their duty to ensure a safe business environment in the country.