Thursday, 6 October, 2022

No compromise on safety issues

No compromise on safety issues

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Despite bringing positive impacts on the national economy, development projects are often seen as hazardous, especially because of public suffering and risk factors at project sites. Accidents in project areas are reported more than ever with an increase in the number of development projects and the most recent tragic one that occurred the day before yesterday killed five members of a family, including two children, after a box girder of the Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) project fell on their private car at Uttara in the capital.

According to media reports, the installation of these heavy girders was going on without any safety fence. Apart from this, there are questions about the capacity of the cranes that were being used. Blaming the negligence of the authorities as the cause of the horrific accident, all work on the BRT project in Dhaka’s Uttara has been suspended by Dhaka North City Corporation until all safety precautions are confirmed to have been taken. It is a good initiative indeed. However, the question is why the authorities were allowed to continue the construction work for so many years without proper safety measures.

The BRT project, which has been running for almost a decade on the capital's busiest airport road, is reportedly violating the rule for almost the entire project period. In addition, this is not the first time such tragic incidents occurred. Earlier, on July 15, a security guard was killed after being crushed under a girder in Gazipur city. On March 14 last year, there were two such incidents in the airport area and Abdullahpur on the same day. But, no action had been taken in any of the cases, which is the reason behind project authorities’ apathetic approach toward safety measures.

It is the responsibility of the project authorities to maintain normal traffic on the road and ensure enough safety measures during any construction work. Therefore, not the contractor or project authorities of Uttara project area only, every project authorities must be compelled to ensure enough safety measures along with bringing the people responsible for previous accidents to book through proper investigation. Development work should not be continued creating public suffering or at the cost of lives.