Tuesday, 16 August, 2022

‘Fans are the heart of Bashundhara Kings’

  • Imrul Hassan, Bashundhara Kings president
  • 30 July, 2022 12:00 AM
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A few years back, we were discussing football during a regular talk with sir (chairman). One said during the discussion that the country’s football won’t progress again if it went like that way. He further said those who could develop it were running it in the old way. I said, ‘Sir, if we want to bring some revolution to help the sport, the corporate houses must come forward.’ Then the chairman sir asked me whether the people would come to see matches if we built a club. I gained my courage and said that we needed to bring one to two footballers who played in the World Cup. The people will surely return to the field to see them playing. It was when Bashundhara Kings was born.

After getting encouragement and directions from the chairman sir, we started our search for the footballers. I don’t know whether anyone will believe that we signed World Cup player Daniel Colindres without watching any video of him. We talked with a Chilean footballer for a substantial amount of time but he was not convinced to play in Bangladesh. But we were successful to achieve our target in the first season through one Colindres. Not only we win trophies but our club’s name is also spread all over the country. We even get our supporters in rural areas. Some could not come to the field but they did scouting for their favourite club in rural areas also. When they find someone, they informed us about him. Our defender Rimon is representing the national team now. The full credit for his finding goes to the supporters. They also informed us about the young sensation Morsalin and Nova, who recently scored a brace against India in U-20 football. Actually, the fans are the heart of Bashundhara Kings.

Chairman Ahmed Akbar Sobhan is our lifeline behind the scene. After being promoted to Premier League, I asked him in fear to give seven to eight bighas of land for our practice field. The area went up to 50 bighas during the first time all because of his eagerness and encouragement. Now it goes up to 300 bighas and there is a sports complex, a club building and dormitory in it. By this, we can understand his enthusiasm for sports. When there is a Kings match, he stops all his office work and sits in front of the TV to watch the game. Even he doesn’t answer the phone at that time. He calls me after the end of the game all the time and discusses the performances of the players and gives his directions. Sir understands the game very well. Sports are in his gene and it’s the motivation for Bashundhara Kings to go forward.