Wednesday, 28 September, 2022

‘Oh My God’ on Bongo

‘Oh My God’ on Bongo

Tamil movie ‘Oh My Kadavule’ is available on popular online streaming site Bongo. The Bangla title of the film is ‘'Oh My God’. The film was released on Bong on Friday.

 There is a famous saying that matches are made in heaven. But what will happen, if between the couple, one strikes under a spell of romanticism where the other feels himself a victim of castaway? So why not enjoy the bittersweet scenario rather than drowning in loneliness and confusion? Arjun (Ashok Selvan), the story’s protagonist, thought so. He is a confused carefree young man who has a close friendship with Anu (Ritika Singh) and Mani (Sha Ra). One Day in a friendly drinking session Anu out of the blue, asks for the hand of Arjun and that’s the start of a rocky road of marriage. Thus the story of the film continues…

Famous director Ashwath Marimuthu directed the film, and the story was written by him too.  The film was first released on the Day of Valentine’s on February 14, 2020.

About the film Bongo’s Head of Licensing and Distribution, Karoline Hoeppner, said, “Bongo is pleased to publish South Indian romantic comedy with a fantastic vibe for our entertainment-seeking audience. We believe our audience will love it wholeheartedly. Now they can see numerous English and South blockbusters across genres of their choice. Bongo is thrilled to enrich its content library with more enjoyable international titles, and Bongo aims to cater to the most diverse content portfolio in the country. We cannot wait to release more global content in Bangla and see how our country's audience perceives the titles.”