Thursday, 18 August, 2022

12 killed in Iraq road crash

BAGHDAD: Women and children were among 12 people killed in a road accident in Iraq when a minivan and a dump truck collided, reports AFP.

The accident, which they blamed on speeding and reckless driving, happened overnight on a road linking Baghdad to Babylon province, authorities said in a statement on Friday.

The collision, which transport authorities blamed on high speed, not paying attention and an improperly executed U-turn, killed 12 people and injured five, they said.

One official told AFP that women and children were among the victims, without specifying their number.

He said the truck driver had swerved from right to left to make a U-turn.

Oil-rich Iraq's infrastructure is crumbling after decades of conflict that have affected roads, bridges and other transport facilities.

Roads are often riddled with potholes and pitch black at night.

Successive governments have also been accused of corruption and incompetence.

Last year, more than 4,800 people died in road accidents in Iraq -- a rate of more than 13 a day, the health ministry reported this month.

Officials blame ignoring the speed limit, using mobile phones behind the wheel, and drugs and alcohol use.