Sunday, 14 August, 2022

Art show ‘The Beckoning Horizon’ ends today

Art show ‘The Beckoning Horizon’ ends today

A solo painting exhibition titled ‘The Beckoning Horizon’ by Azmeer Hossain will end at the Edge Gallery in the capital today.

The exhibition, which began on June 18, features 62 art works of the painter. 

The Horizon and Mindscape paintings being displayed at the exhibition are abstract works. They are unique in the country’s art sphere. The artist’s watercolour painting on Old Dhaka is cloudy, transcending the melancholia into its visuals.

Various scenes, including beaches in Bangladesh and herds of cows, representing the rural landscape and narratives, have appeared on the large canvas in the series.

This series also includes images of sampans of various colours lined up on the beach, a primitive black sky, and sampans and white gannets hovering over the fennel waves.

Despite the painter’s use of suggestively familiar forms, the Memory series is more abstract which creates a bizarre and Daliesque realm devoid of clear themes.

The Monsoon series in this exhibition are watercolours discovering a near hyper-real landscape, with unseen details in the existing usage of watercolour methods in the past.