Thursday, 11 August, 2022

Nagad slashes down electricity usage half in its offices

Nagad, the mobile financial service of the Bangladesh Post Office, has slashed down electricity usage about half of its consumption in all its offices across the country following the request of the government.

In light of the severity of the global energy crisis, the Bangladesh government has taken a number of measures to combat the power shortage and issued several recommendations, reports BSS.

In response to the government's request, Nagad has taken several initiatives to reduce the electricity usage at its corporate headquarter and other offices across the country.

To address the ongoing energy crisis, Nagad Limited invited the employees, partners, industry friends, and mass people to collectively co-operate with the government to ensure the proper implementation of the initiatives and try to use sun light as much as possible.

Regarding this Tanvir A Mishuk, founder and managing director of Nagad said, “We are all aware of the recent global energy crisis to some degree. I believe it is our obligation to save power at this crucial time. We must cope with the electricity crisis from a state and social sense of responsibility.”

In conjunction with the government's actions to combat the energy crisis, the Nagad Limited has issued a number of directives to its personnel and employees. The organization recently issued a set of instructions to cut power usage at the workplace as much as possible.

Mishuk said, “This unprecedented supply shortfall is imposing enormous pressure on the global economy, including Bangladesh. I firmly believe that if we are cautious, we can overcome this catastrophe, in the same manner, we tackled the Covid-19 pandemic.”

As a part of the initiatives, he strongly advised his colleagues to utilize daylight as much as possible by turning off all extra lights, fans, and air conditioners on every floor.

The organization also instructed employees to switch off the lights and air conditioning while they are outside the room and to keep the temperature in the room at 25 degrees. The Nagad headquarter currently accommodates around 700 employees.

The MD of Nagad further urged all stakeholders and partners from various industries to help the government in reducing power usage by implementing the necessary steps.

Apart from this, Nagad is also turning to solar energy in an effort to alleviate the strain on the nation's electrical grid.  It has taken the initiative to convert the billboards into solar-powered billboards for promoting its campaigns.