Monday, 8 August, 2022

Farmers will not face losses due to rice-import in country: Razzaque

Farmers will not face losses due to rice-import in country: Razzaque

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Agriculture Minister Dr Muhammad Abdur Razzaque on Thursday said that the local farmers will not face losses due to the import of the rice.

"Farmers will not face any danger for rice import as the government has allowed the import of rice to keep the market stable. We have a target of importing certain amount of rice. When that amount of rice arrives in the country, the import will be wrapped up. We are closely monitoring the market every day," he said, reports BSS,

The minister was talking to the reporters after holding a review meeting on Public-Private Partnership (PPP) in the agriculture sector in the conference room of the Ministry at the secretariat here, a press release said.

With Agriculture Secretary Md Saidul Islam in the chair, the meeting was attended, among others, by senior officials of the ministry, heads of organizations and agro-industrial entrepreneurs and business representatives, the release added.

About the rice-import issue, he reiterated that there is no worry about it as the Ministry of Commerce, the Ministry of Food and the Ministry of Agriculture are working together in this regard.

In response to another question from reporters about BNP's recent meeting with foreigners, the minister said BNP can exchange views with foreigners or development partners of the country.

But if they (BNP leaders) want to go to power, they have to come to the people of the country by participating in the election, he added.

They have to be elected by votes of the people of the country, he continued. Referring to BNP's discussion with foreigners, Razzaque said if BNP thinks that it will create a field of movement by negotiating with foreigners, then they are wrong.

The minister said that there is no caretaker government in any country in the world, and there will never be a caretaker government in Bangladesh.