Tuesday, 16 August, 2022

Eid: Spl TV shows to be aired today

Eid: Spl TV shows to be aired today

Different TV channels are airing various programmes, including dramas and telefilm, on the occasion of Eid-ul-Azha festival. Here is the list of some dramas and telefilms which will be aired today.

Single-episode drama ‘Ambulance Girl’ will be aired on RTV at 08:00pm. Written and directed by Anonno Emon, the play stars Mehazabien Chowdhury, Sudip Biswas Deep and others. 

Rtv will also air six-episode drama serial ‘Ashomo Osaman’ at 09:30pm. Written by Mizanur Rahman Belal and directed by Aditya Jony, the drama stars Zahid Hasan, Sadia Jahan Prova and others.

Apurba and Tasnia Farin starrer single-episode drama ‘Strir Dosti Bodobhash’ will be aired on BanglaVision at 07:45pm. Shihab Shahin has written and directed the drama.

    Drama serial ‘Shial Bari-3’ will be telecast on Boishakhi TV at 09:10pm.  Scripted by Ahsan Alamgir and directed by Al Hazen, the play stars Rashed Shemanto,  Amirul Haque Chowdhury, Arfan Ahmed, Sheli Ahsan, Milon Bhattacharya  and others.

Single-episode drama ‘Forget Master’ will be aired on Ntv at 11:05pm. Written by Mesbah Uddin Sumon and directed by Jubayer Ebne Bakar, the drama stars Mosharraf Karim, Tania Brishti, Pirzada Harun, Shawkat –al- Mamun and others.

Channel i will air telefilm ‘Jotil Prem’, starring Arosh Khan, Rukaya Jahan Chamak, Wahid Marshal and others. Nikul Kumar Mondol has written and directed the telefilm. 

Telefilm ‘Female’ will be aired on Deepto TV at 04:00pm. Directed by Kajol Arefin Ome, the cast of the play includes Sanjana Sarkar Riya, Mishu Sabbir, Ziaul Hoque Polash, Marzuk Russell, Chashi Alam and others.