Friday, 12 August, 2022

737 dengue patients hospitalised last month

737 dengue patients hospitalised last month

The number of dengue cases has been increasing day by day in the country as 737 dengue patients were admitted to different hospitals across the country, especially in Dhaka in June.

Health experts have emphasised the need for public awareness to prevent the deadly disease, adding that if dengue is not resisted immediately, then it may take a serious turn this year.

"People will have to be aware and keep homes and surrounding areas clean as no dengue vector can live there," Prof Dr Tahmina Shirin, director of IEDCR, told the Daily Sun.

According to the Directorate General of Health Services (DGHS), 737 dengue patients were admitted to hospitals across the

country in June; 163 in May; 23 in April; 20 in March; 20 in February; and 126 patients in January.

It said around 149 dengue patients have been admitted to different hospitals across the country so far this month. Some 22 patients were reported on Friday, 49 on Saturday, and 42 on Sunday.

The DGHS data said 36 new dengue patients were hospitalised in the last 24 hours till Monday morning. However, no deaths were reported during that time.

Some 31 dengue patients were admitted to 47 government and private hospitals in the capital, while five patients were admitted to hospitals outside Dhaka during the time.

The DGHS data further said a total of 144 dengue patients are now undergoing treatment across the country. Of them, 125 patients are in the hospitals of Dhaka city.

A total of 1,238 dengue patients were hospitalised, and one patient died of dengue infection this year.

The health experts warned that the dengue outbreak may take a serious turn this year while the dengue situation was under control the previous year.

They also suggested that corporations take extensive measures immediately to control the Aedes mosquitoes in a bid to prevent the dengue disease.

According to the World Health Organisation (WHO), there is no specific treatment for dengue in the world and the dengue vaccine is also rare.

Dr Ekramul Haque, Program Manager (malaria & Aedes transmitted disease) of DGHS, said in a pre-monsoon Aedes survey, its larvae were found in a number of places in Dhaka's north and south city areas.

In the survey results, the DGHS also found that multi-storey buildings and under-construction buildings account for over 72 percent of the city’s Aedes mosquito breeding grounds.

"When rain falls intermittently, the dengue outbreak increases. Usually, August to October is the peak season for dengue disease, but the disease may spread at any time this year, Ekramul Haque said.

The DGHS official said they will start a monsoon survey of Aedes mosquitoes in July to detect the hotspot of the dengue disease, which will help them take necessary measures against the dengue vector.