Monday, 15 August, 2022

Bongo collaborates with Fashion TV

Bongo collaborates with Fashion TV

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Fashion and lifestyle broadcasting channel FashionTV has collaborated with popular streaming platform Bongo.  

Bongo, the country’s first and biggest video streaming service provider in Bangladesh, allows its network of more than 209 million subscribers to watch Bengali content online anytime, anywhere. Besides its Bangla entertainment library with over 15,000 hours’ worth of content, the streaming platform has 45 local and foreign Live TV channels.

Now, Bongo introduces its newest Live TV addition, FashionTV, a global 24/7 Television Network with an exclusive focus on Fashion, Beauty, Design and Lifestyle. Fashion TV was founded in Paris in 1997 by Michel Adam.  ”Specifically for Bangladesh, finding a balance between what’s shown and what’s hidden is a regular part of fashion. Together with Fashion TV, we aim to associate more with the local fashion, lifestyle and entertainment community, playing an active role in supporting Dhaka as an innovative and dynamic fashion hub,” said Bongo’s Head of Licensing  and Distribution, Karoline Hoeppner.