Tuesday, 5 July, 2022

For a flawless household census

The country’s sixth Population and Housing Census has been launched on Wednesday with a survey period of seven days. Before this, altogether five such surveys were made since independence of the country, with the first in 1974 and the rest were done on a 10-yearly basis in 1981, 1991, 2001 and 2011 respectively. The sixth survey was scheduled to be conducted in 2021 but could not be done due to the coronavirus pandemic. This time it is going to be conducted digitally and is the first of its kind. Information will be collected in the Computer Assisted Personal Interview method.

All necessary preparations including recruitment and training of adequate number of enumerators have been taken to make the vitally important drive a success. They have been instructed and trained to collect statistics and information about common and institutional households, homeless people, types of household and their ownership, main sources of drinking water, sanitary facilities, and access to electricity, main sources of cooking fuel and economic activities of the people. Information related to remittance inflow will also be collected. Naturally, demographic socio-economic information has also been brought under the purview of survey. It may be assumed that particulars about employment-unemployment level of the countrymen will also be gathered.

The importance of population and household census can hardly re-emphasised. Flawless and standard statistics, especially about the size of the population and birth rates, economic condition of the people, level of their employability and kinds of employment and more importantly, the percentage of people of working age groups, are vitally important for chalking out plans and making pragmatic decisions at the government level. The more accurate and detailed are the information, the better are the plans and so are the outcomes in a time when the country is already in its journey to higher statuses as a nation.

So, efforts must be made to keep survey results possibly free from faults and misleading information. It is also the responsibility of those to be surveyed to cooperate with the surveyors and provide them with accurate information.