Friday, 1 July, 2022

Life stuck in social media

In today's modern life, we are all more or less active on social media. Before waking up in the morning, we get busy holding the phone in front of our eyes in the hope of seeing the messages on social media. And if you do not scroll through the online media for at least 30 minutes, you wake up properly. The online platforms before breakfast are like drinking water on an empty stomach without which most people are wasting their morning. Although the online service has made the communication system of human civilisation much easier, its level of loss is not less in any part.

And everyone, from teenagers to middle-aged people, are drowning in this online addiction. One is pushing oneself unknowingly into the trap of an addiction whose cure is really unknown to many. The convenience of communication, spending less time talking, making new friends, getting world news instantaneously all these have made our life easier and easier. But it is accompanied by a lack of concentration, reluctance to study, fatigue, sleep disturbances, depression and many other harmful effects. Which many people are pretending to know and continue in the traditional manner.

The coronavirus epidemic has brought this unwanted joy into the hands of children and teenagers, the cure for which is really unknown to us. WhatsApp, Instagram or Tiktok is mostly spent in the name of using smart phones for reading. Tiktok is the main one as the interest in these is increasing with time. TikTok is a video sharing social networking service owned by Bitdance. It is a Beijing-based company founded in 2012 by Zhang Eming. There is nothing like Facebook, YouTube where there is no tick. Not only this, with the help of this technology you can do wonders for your children. And in the hope of getting likes, views or shares, they do a lot of things that tasteless people do not think of doing. Not only this, with the help of fire you can do welding. Maybe they are not experienced about the true meaning of honour and popularity, or they find popularity more enjoyable than honour. And as soon as they become popular, most of them become criminals like Apu Bhai.

Let us talk about, from children to adults and even university students are not excluded from the words of his intoxication, is called Facebook. Facebook is a global social networking website owned by Hall Meta Platforms, founded on February 4, 2004. Although it was not popular in the beginning, today it is at its peak. Facebook is by far the largest social media with over two billion users. Whose harmful aspects are not less. But people are not able to leave the company knowingly. When you sit down with Facebook, you just scroll and spend hours. This is considered to be the biggest cause of misuse of time. With the advent of new features day-by- day, the human race is gaining traction as well as precious time. It is a more enjoyable leisure for the students which is not only a precious time, but also affects their thoughts, feelings and love.

Whether it is buying new clothes, hanging out with family, friends, celebrating Eid or worship, or enjoying nature, everything is now just for the purpose of making it visible on social media. In any case, whether it is happiness or grief, if you do not post a picture on Facebook, no feeling will be fulfilled. Most of the time new clothes are bought for the purpose of making them visible on social media. People's feelings are now in the hands of Facebook or Tiktok.

Whether it is a wedding ceremony or a banquet, the invitation is being published on WhatsApp and the wishes are being published more online. People's good wishes or prayers, blessings are all in the comment box, but if you check how many are coming from the mind, you will see that the book is empty. People are now more concerned with making friendlists on social platforms than finding friends in real life. In such a situation, the harmony that people had with each other is disappearing day-by-day. More important than making people on the path of death drink water is to go to Facebook Live and let everyone enjoy the pain of death.

Another detrimental aspect of social media is that in leisure time people used to spend time with family members, old people or children which is now off the list. When the one hour allotted for leisure reaches social media three hours later, there is no time left to spend for the family. People who have to hurry back to work and spend time alone at home are left in a closed hut of loneliness and gradually build up in their minds a deep frustration and guilt as evidenced by the hero Riaz's father-in-law Mahasin Khan. The beginning of social media is not only taking away people's time, but also the time and importance of loved ones whose victims are really paying the ultimate price. Adolescents are taking a bad path in this extreme loneliness. Bad company and lack of family importance, they are pushing themselves on the dark path.

Everything has its pros and cons, and mankind naturally tends to be more prone to the bad, which not only brings harm, but also benefits to the people around them. And even knowing the harm, we are becoming the slaves of habit and giving importance to habit. If we cannot fight our own bad habits, then there is considerable doubt as to how shall we deal with the enemy in the future. Human beings must have the ability to govern himself/herself, to criticise his/her own faults, to correct himself/herself because the superhuman beings can no longer purify himself/herself of anything else. A human being must be able to become a real one only if he/she purifies himself/herself.


Smita Jannat, a student of the Department of English Language, Jagannath University