Thursday, 7 July, 2022

Kite fair held in Joypurhat

Kite fair held in Joypurhat

Joypurhat: A two-day kite fair was held near Sanyastali temple on the banks of Tulsiganga river at Khetlal in Joypurhat on Friday and Saturday.

Although no one can tell the exact history of this rural fair, it is said that the fair originated more than two hundred years ago on the occasion of Sanyasi Puja. Since then, the two-day fair begins on the last Friday of the Bangla month of Jaistha every year. 

Apart from the surrounding villages, thousands of people from far and wide come to the fair. It is learned that in this Sanyastali of Joypurhat, people of traditional religion worship the Sanyasi in the temple and celebrate the day, but it is basically a gathering of Hindus and Muslims.

People usually flock to the fair in the afternoon. All the colorful kites are the main attraction of the fair, so the fancy kite owners bring various kites including chong, flying ships, humans, monsters, leaves, insects, boxes.

They try their best to attract the visitors through kite competition by flying in the air. Many people from different parts of the country gather at this fair. Jewel Hossain of Paharpur in Badalgachhi upazila of Naogaon district, Ejaz Hossain of Jhopgari area of Bogra town, Abdul Quddus of Hakipur municipal town of Dinajpur and many other visitors said that they come to this Sanyastali fair every year just to buy kites.

Not only that, with the improvement of social media, mobile phones or cameras were brought to present the pictures and videos of the fair to the viewers from the different area of the country in a special way. Razib Hasan Anand, the organiser of the YouTube channel 'Universal View', which deals with history, heritage, archeology and antiquities, came to the fair with his shooting team. He said, "I promote the country's ancient monuments through my YouTube channel to attract domestic and foreign tourists and visitors, so that the state's revenue from the country's tourism industry, at least to a certain extent, increases employment." I am also working on this kite fair on this occasion. '

On the other hand, a variety of sweets and delicacies are sold at the fair. In addition to thick shahi jilapi, chikan jilapi of Kali cumin, traditional molasses jilapi, food shops in the fair were full of about 50 items of confectionery made with milk, sugar and lamb, besides a variety of spicy delicacies.

Bakul Hossain of Mundail village of Khetlal, Ibrahim Hossain of Battali, Mokarram Hossain and many others said that this kite fair is a big social festival of the area after Eid and Puja.

Apart from this, the people who come to the fair also notice the import of various materials and fishing instruments made of bamboo, wood and iron. Children's sports goods and cosmetics shops were also set up at the two-day fair. Harunur Rashid of local Jaipur village, Matiur Rahman of Matapur village said that our fathers and grandfathers had come to this fair and we also come to shop at this fair.

Montu Chandra, president of the Sanyastali Mela Committee, said, "Like every year, this time the Sanyastali Mela is a fair which is about two hundred years old." This fair is conducted by all Hindus and Muslims together. Traders from different parts of the country come to this fair.

Mashiur Rahman, Chairman, Mamudpur Union Parishad, Khetlal Upazila, said, "Although the main attraction of this Sanyasatali Mela of the followers of traditional religions has turned around, it has turned into a gathering of humanity." The people's representative expressed his firm conviction to hold on to this thousand year old tradition.