Thursday, 18 August, 2022

Tamim lied…

Nazmul says about left-hander’s T20 claim

Tamim lied…
Bangladesh ODI captain Tamim Iqbal is seen at the Hazrat Shahjalal International Airport in the capital on Monday before leaving for West Indies. – TANVIN TAMIM

Bangladesh opener Tamim Iqbal on Sunday dropped a bombshell in the country’s cricket arena by saying that he wasn’t communicated by the Bangladesh Cricket Board regarding his T20I future. The 33-year-old earlier on January 27 took a six-month break from T20s and made the situation unclear regarding his availability in the upcoming ICC T20 World Cup, scheduled in Australia from October 16. Tamim’s words put the BCB in an uncomfortable position and the BCB President Nazmul Hassan Papon himself cleared his and his board’s stance to The Daily Sun in an exclusive interview.


Here are the excerpts from the


The Daily Sun: Tamim is saying that the BCB didn’t provide him a chance to explain his stance regarding his T20I future?

Nazmul Hassan Papon: It’s a total lie (that we’ve not spoken with him regarding his T20I future). I have called him at my house and requested him (to play T20Is) at least four times. Other members of the board also spoke with him and he said that he won’t play.

The Daily Sun: So you are aware that he is not available in T20Is?

Nazmul Hassan Papon: He (Tamim) has given in writing that he won’t play despite several attempts being made to convince him (to change his mind). So I don’t understand where the confusion is. What does he want to say? Please ask him and you should clarify. What I want to say is that let him say what he wants to say and later we provide what we have in our hands. Please ask him, wasn’t he requested several times regarding playing T20Is and even the president requested him to play T20Is. I called him at home not thrice but at least on four occasions but he said he didn’t want to play. After trying to convince him so many times, if he informs us through a letter (that he doesn’t want to play) then what does that mean? I really don’t understand.

The Daily Sun: Tamim had already informed the board that he is taking a six-month break from the board? Are you referring to that letter?

Nazmul Hassan Papon: That six-month is gone. Does he want to play in the World Cup? I think it should be clarified. Please ask him whether he was requested several times to play T20Is by the president or not. I even called him at my home and he said that he didn't want to play. Then later he submitted a letter to the board a couple of months back that he didn’t want to play. Please ask him and if he says no then I will sit with him along with you (the media).

The Daily Sun: It must be quite embarrassing hearing all these things?

Nazmul Hassan Papon: There is a limit to everything. I don’t like all this stupidity. This is a sort of crookedness. Please ask him and if he says that there is anything wrong (from what I am saying) we will sit and we will clarify. And what is this? He wants to say something but he is not able to say it. Who is not letting him speak? Did we stop him from saying anything or you (media) have stopped him from saying anything? I don’t understand it. Why doesn’t he clarify (his stance regarding his T20Is)? What is his problem?

The Daily Sun: Do you still want him to play in the ICC T20 World Cup?

Nazmul Hassan Papon: We want him to play (in T20Is) and that is simple. Now, will he play? If that is the case, let him play from the tour of West Indies. Please tell him that the board will add his name to the T20I squad (in West Indies). Tell him that you have spoken with the president and he seems to be very happy knowing that you want to play and he wants to include you in the squad.