Thursday, 18 August, 2022

Thailand to remove marijuana from narcotics list

BANGKOK: Thai government is going to remove marijuana (ganja) from the Category 5 Narcotics list on June 9 (Thursday), reports ANN.

People who were thrown behind bars over charges related to marijuana will be released once the herb is removed from the list, the Thailand's Court of Justice announced on Saturday.

“Marijuana-related cases waiting for a trial date or court verdict will also be dismissed,” said court spokesman Sorawis Limparangsi.

“This means people who are in holding cells waiting for legal procedures related to marijuana will also be released.” Sorawis said he does not believe many people are behind bars for the possession of marijuana, because this offence does not usually carry a heavy sentence.

However, inmates who have been charged for other offences in addition to marijuana possession will not be released. The Public Health Ministry’s proposal to remove marijuana and hemp from the list of narcotics and promote them as cash crops was approved by the Cabinet in February and will go into effect next Thursday – 120 days after it was announced in the Royal Gazette. Public Health Minister Anutin Charnvirakul announced last month that people in Thailand can grow “as many cannabis plants” as they want in their own homes.

However, the marijuana grown must be of medical grade and used for medicinal purposes only. Registration is not required for home-growers but large businesses will require permission from the Food and Drug Administration, he added.