Thursday, 11 August, 2022

Bubly completes shooting of ‘Prem Puran’

Popular Dhallywood actress Shobnom Bubly will be seen in the film ‘Prem Puran’ opposite Ziaul Roshan. The romantic genre movie is jointly directed by Masud Mohiuddin and Mahmud Hasan Sikder.

In the meantime, the actress has completed shooting of her part at Barguna in Barishal recently. She came back to Dhaka on Sunday.

About her shooting experience, the actress said, “We did our shooting at Taltoli Health Complex in Barguna. Many people from that area came to visit me there. But what attracted me most was that a little girl came to meet me with her grandmother. Her name is Samana Akhter and she started crying when I called her. She could not believe that they were with me. That was one of the best moments of my life. Saman told me that she prayed last night for meeting me. I got emotional after hearing this.”

Apart from ‘Prem Puran’, Bubly has multiple projects in her kitty including ‘Koila’, ‘Local’, ‘Maya’, ‘Betray’ and ‘Revenge’. She is waiting for the release of the films ‘Talash’, ‘Casino’, ‘Leader Ami-e Bangladesh’. Bubly was last seen in the Chorki original film, ‘Floor Number 7’, directed by Raihan Rafi.