Thursday, 7 July, 2022

No Gas for Seven Days

Kamrangirchar people seething with rage

People residing in Kamrangirchar area took to the streets on Monday, as they have been left without gas for seven days.

They are now undergoing an ordeal, as Titas Gas Transmission & Distribution Company cut off gas supply in most of the area.

The company said they have stopped supplying gas by removing gas valves to hand out punishment to illegal consumers.

According to Titas sources, there are more than 12,000 legal consumers, including residential, industrial and commercial ones, but the number of illegal consumers is five times higher than that of legal ones.

Besides, legal consumers owe Titas Gas Tk 67 crore, but those who pay their bill on a regular basis have also landed in deep trouble, as the move has disrupted supply in almost all the areas.

“I go to my daughter’s house at Alinagar Bazar every morning at 10:00 am and cook food for my family there. Since Titus cut off gas, it has become a routine. I pay bill every month, but I don’t know why I am being punished,” said Bokula Khatun, a housewife.

Local administration and some corrupt Titas officials having political links are alleged to have provided illegal gas connection in Kamrangirchar.

As a result, Titas often conducts raids and cuts off gas supply in the area, but the main problem remains unresolved.

“How long will we put up with this oppression? We regularly pay the bill. We have valid connection, but Titas disconnect the line for no reason. Today, this is the seventh day we’re having without gas. No one seems to see our plights,” local resident Mahmudul Islam said.

“If Titus wants to punish illegal consumers, they should conduct drive. Why should we face the music? I demand justice for this,” Sabekunnar, another housewife of the area, said.

While talking to journalists, an official of Titas, however, said they held a meeting with three local councillors at its head office on Monday.

They will begin conducting drives against illegal connection today while local representatives will assist them, he said, adding that they will monitor the situation until May 19 and hold a meeting again to discuss the situation.