Tuesday, 5 July, 2022

Eid-ul-Fitr Celebrations

Tourists pour into Cox’s Bazar

Tourists pour into Cox’s Bazar
Hundreds of tourists from different parts of the country visit the longest sea beach in Cox's Bazar to enjoy their Eid holidays. The photo was taken on Friday. —SUN photo

A stream of tourists has poured into Cox’s Bazar as working people have got long holidays, including Eid vacations and weekends.  

According to tourism sector insiders, the world’s longest sea beach is now buzzing with holidaymakers. About five lakh tourists have flocked into the beach city since the day of Eid on Tuesday. Even the summer heat wave cannot stop them from enjoying quality time in the salty water of the sea.

Some people were seen taking a wander across the vast beach while some enjoyed horse riding and many were creating motifs on the beach. On the other hand, many tourists were seen relaxing under umbrellas and some were taking photos to capture the moments of their pleasure.

Employee of a private bank Mahbuba Ferdous, who came with her husband and children from Dhaka’s Mirpur, chose the time for the tour because it was difficult for her to find such a long gap in work. 

“I knew that the number of tourists would increase, but I had no other way as I wouldn’t get such long holidays during other time of the year. I booked hotel rooms in advance. Therefore, I haven’t faced much hassle,” she said.

Four friends -- Shameem, Zahid, Turjo and Sourav -- went to Cox’s Bazar from Sylhet’s Shaheb Bazar area to enjoy Eid holidays hearing the roar of the sea and watching the beauty of the beach at night.

“I and my friends came here several times separately, but we never came here together before. That is why we planned this tour. But I am upset about the overall management. From hoteliers to hawkers, everyone is deceiving us, but there is no one to monitor and take action,” Shameem said.

Hoteliers are happy with the rush of tourists after a long lull amid the coronavirus pandemic, but the tourist police and the lifeguards are having a hard time, managing large crowds.

A large number of travelers thronged the beach on Friday, the first weekend after the Eid-ul-Fitr celebration, booking almost 95 percent of more than 450 hotels and motels in advance, said Abdur Rahman, joint general secretary of Cox’s Bazar Hotel, Motel and Guesthouse Owners’ Association.

“Some five lakh tourists have visited the beach city since the Eid day. Most of them booked hotel rooms in advance. On Friday, the number of tourists in Cox’s Bazar was more than 120,000. We are expecting same number of tourists on Saturday as well. The number will reduce on Sunday,” he said.

According to hoteliers, hotels, motels, resorts, guesthouses and cottages in Cox’s Bazar have a combined daily capacity to accommodate around 150,000 tourists.

Rescue workers of several non-profit organisations are working to avoid deaths by drowning. They are monitoring the situation from their watch towers on the beach.

Red, yellow and green flags planted into the sand warn tourists of dangerous spots. Whistles are used during low tide. The rescuers saved eight tourists on Thursday, Kamal said.

Ibrahim Khalil, spokesperson of Tourist Police (Superintendent of Police), said they are working round the clock and taking all necessary steps to ensure safe holiday experience of tourists.