Tuesday, 17 May, 2022

FM’s daughter fondly reminisces about departed ‘Chachchu’

Sarah Momen, youngest daughter of Foreign Minister Dr AK Abdul Momen, has described her uncle and former Foreign Minister late AMA Muhith as a human encyclopedia and quote directory, reports UNB.

Sarah Momen shared her story on Muhith on her Facebook wall sharing memories with the Freedom Fighter and language veteran who will be laid to rest at his family graveyard in Sylhet after Zohr prayers on Sunday. 

She said: “I love you Chachchu. May you Rest in Power. You were a titan among men. The reason our homeland is an economic powerhouse. A human encyclopedia and quote directory. One of the most brilliant people I knew. I was always in awe of how you could point to any of the hundreds of books in your library and recite a quote from memory. I always wished to be like you.

“There is a lot I could say about your legacy. I’m sure all your accomplishments as Finance Minister will flood the papers, and surely they deserve to be remembered since you’ve done things many only dream of in their lifetimes. But I want to remember you for your grace and the gentleness of your spirit. The man you were behind the cape.

“The way you’d always greet me with a smile and hold my hand while you spoke to me is imprinted in my mind. A lot of people say Assalam Wailaikum reflexively, but not many truly embody the essence of extending love and peace to another. I am thankful to have learned this example from you. Always so earnestly you’d ask me how I was doing, never asking anything more of me.

“Never pushing expectations of any kind. Just happy to share a moment with me. In some ways, I felt more seen by you than others in my family. I felt a love and bond that was pure, and unconditional. We weren’t always together or in communication, but there was always a mutual fondness. I’d come to see you in NY, and you’d see me whenever I was in BD. And always there’d be smiles, no judgment. Just hand holding and love.

“I will always remember your laugh and smile - looking off at Bangla classical music festivals clapping, when being asked about the accomplishments you’re most proud of, when telling a story that delighted you. Your smile lit up a room. And you forever are a light in my heart.”