Sunday, 29 May, 2022

Safety concerns mounting for students

Safety concerns mounting for students

Education is the backbone of the nation’s development. The family, the social system, and the educational institutions of a country are constantly working to strengthen this backbone. The students after spending their formal education life devote themselves to the service of the country in many ways.

However, it is very surprising but noticeable that in recent times, the students of this country are facing the most security crisis. In recent times, Bangladesh has repeatedly witnessed the deaths of students because of erratic movement of vehicles. Sometimes students are being harassed by local people, traders, workers and even extremists. So again, the question is how safe are the students in this country?

Instability is prevailing in the country due to recent clashes between Dhaka College students and Dhaka New Market traders. We noticed that some students were beaten by influential businessmen just for arguing. The clashes, which centered on the infighting between businessmen, reached out to students and subsequently attacked students, and endangered the security of the country's students. Besides, it creates various fears in public life which are not desirable at all.

The deaths of students as a result of reckless driving by bus drivers are nothing new. The death of Maisha Mumtaz Mim, a student of North South University at Kuril Bishwa Road on April 1 this year raises the question in our minds - are  students safe on the road? On the other hand, the sudden attack and torture by the police in the anti-VC movement at Sylhet Shahjalal University of Science and Technology last January raises the question in our minds - is there any safety for the students in the university?

Last year, a student of Notre Dame College was killed in a collision with a garbage truck of Dhaka South City Corporation. This year, 30 students of Kushtia Islamic University were injured in an attack by locals. In addition to this, the incident of students being thrown from the bus and hawkers attacking them has been seen in the newspapers innumerable times. These incidents repeatedly raise the question, are we students safe?

A student is an invaluable asset to the country. It is important to look after the safety of these students in the future. When the security of students in the country is compromised, the risk of brain drains increases which can make a nation zero in merit. According to UNESCO, about 24,112 students migrated abroad from Bangladesh in 2015. By 2020, that number has quadrupled. Do we know the reason behind this intellectual trafficking? The reason is security.

It is unfortunate that the work of the students is to be engaged in the service of the country through intellectual development, but if they have to take to the streets to ensure the safety of the students. If the students commit a crime, they will also be punished under the existing law. However, it is a heinous act to lay hands on the agitating students and endanger the lives of the students. The heinous act has an adverse effect on the educational life of the students which I think is unfortunate for the country.

If we review the history of the rise of Bangladesh, we will see that in the great movement and struggle of the country, the abandonment of students is the most. Students were the shining stars in the golden Bangladesh dream of Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman, the father of our great nation. He was a devoted soul to the students. The contribution of the students of that time was also undeniable in our great liberation war. From the beginning of this great Bangladesh till today, the main character of the story behind building the country is the students of this country. Therefore, in order to make the country a place for talented people, the security of students has to be strengthened. 

In my opinion, the state has to take the responsibility of ensuring the safety of the students. The state should take appropriate steps to prevent any kind of attack on students as well as create a suitable place for educational institutions to practice knowledge. The state can ensure the safety of students and suppress all kinds of conflicts through good governance. We hope that we will find a safe country in line with the ideal of the father of the nation, where the student community will feel safe and secure. Is this too much to ask for?


MD Toslim Bhuiyan Prantik, student of Law Department, North South University