Tuesday, 24 May, 2022

Shuvro Dev’s new music video after long hiatus

Shuvro Dev’s new music video after long hiatus

Shuvro Dev is one of the most popular singers of the country. The artiste, who has earned the hearts of millions for his wonderful melodies, is coming up with a new music video after a long hiatus. The music video titled ‘Girl Friend’ will be released on the occasion of upcoming Eid-ul-Fitr.

Shuvro Dev himself has written the lyrics of the song. He has also made the tune and arranged the music of the track. Model Ishrat Tithi will be seen with Shuvro Dev in the music video. Besides Ishrat and Shuvro Dev, thirty more artistes will perform in the video.        

The singer has confirmed the news through a post on his Facebook page with some photos recently. The post reads “It was toughest shooting of my career. I know, there will be a lot of talks about ‘Girl Friend’, but I’m a professional singer, that’s why I have worked hard.”

“Ishrah Tithi has done her job wonderfully as my co artiste. My producer, Anupam Music’s owner Anwar bhai also has helped me make the music video. ‘Girl Friend’ will be released before Eid-ul-Fitr”, the post added.

  Directed by Nido Khan, the music video will be released under the banner of Anupam Music. 

Shuvro Dev’s last music video ‘Jaal Chhobi’ was released in 2016. But, last year the singer released his audio song ‘Barchey Prem’.

Shuvro Dev is a popular singer of the country. He started his career in the mid 1980s and sang modern romantic songs. He released his first music album ‘Hemiloner Bashiwala’ in 1984. He also performed duet songs with another Bangladeshi singer, Shakila Zafar. He has sung with duet with Indian singer Alka Yagnik. He was one of the first Bangladeshi artistes chosen to have music videos produced by MTV. 

Shuvro Dev’s popular albums are—‘Hamiloner Banshiwala’, ‘Jewel Shmoroney’, ‘Jey Banshi Bhengey Gechhey’, ‘Kono Ek Shondhaye’, ‘Shada Kagoj’, ‘Amar Bhalobasha’, ‘Buk-er Jomin’ and ‘Mon-er Thikana’.