Friday, 24 March, 2023

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Edtech platform ‘Nahid24’

Edtech platform ‘Nahid24’

An online education platform ‘Nahid24’ has connected 200 thousand students on social media includes YouTube and Facebook.

Nahid Hasan Munna, a graduate of Rajshahi University, established the ed-tech platform in 2015 which gained popularity among HSC candidates and varsity applicants over the years.

He had a strong desire to somehow create an online platform that would benefit students across the country.

“Ignoring thousands of criticisms, this Nahid24 today has a huge family of over 200 thousand students,” Munna said.

The founder dreams that ‘Nahid24’ will be act a house tutor for the students in every corner of the village who cannot afford good teachers or coaching due to lack of money.

The platform offers video classes, live class at home so that they all get good results in HSC, admission and job exams.