Tuesday, 17 May, 2022

Remove hassle in getting birth certificate

Birth registration is the process of recording a child’s birth. It is a permanent and official record of a child that provides legal recognition of that child’s identity. It establishes a legal record of where the child was born and who his or her parents are. Birth certificate is a legal right of a citizen. But, we have learnt from the lead story of this newspaper that the service seekers are allegedly facing harassment in getting the certificate from both the city corporations in the capital. The revelation of the story is shocking indeed! A birth certificate is needed to avail of 16 basic services. The services include admission to educational institutions, NID card, passport, employment, opening of a bank account, utility service connections, trade license and land registration et cetera. In recent times, a birth certificate is a must for vaccinating school students too.

Regrettably, parents have been facing hassles in getting the certificate to avail of the services. The city corporation staffers are also reportedly demanding money from the service seekers for the same purpose even inside the office. But the city authorities are not allegedly taking the corrupt practices of their subordinates seriously. Moreover, the authorities concerned have made the procedure to get the certificate more complex. Now, to get the certificate, it has been made mandatory to have the birth certificates of parents of the children who were born after 1 January 2001. To get recognition as a citizen of the state, possession of a birth certificate, NID card or passport is of utmost necessity. An individual has to apply to the relevant authorities after a thorough procedure to get the document. The authorities should handover the document to the service seekers after necessary verifications and procedures. But, the reality is quite different. It is really unfortunate that it has not yet been possible to create an effective birth registration system although 20 years have elapsed since launching of the programme in 2001. Issuing certificate through one-stop service should be ensured to remove the obstacles. And, stern measures should be taken against the corrupt officials to relieve the service seekers of their plight.