Tuesday, 24 May, 2022

Human trafficking continues unchecked

Two gang members held after a victim’s death in Siberia

Human trafficking continues unchecked

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Many fortune-seekers are falling prey to various organised gangs of human traffickers at home and abroad, and losing everything and even lives.

The gangsters send job seekers, especially youths, abroad with tempting job offers and promising a better life there, detective sources said.

 Some dishonest recruiting agencies and immigration officers working at airports are reportedly helping such human traffickers send the youths abroad in exchange for bribe, the sources said.

Meanwhile, members of Rapid Action Battalion (RAB) have arrested two suspected human traffickers in the capital on Monday night after the death of a human-trafficking victim in Siberia.

A team of RAB-3 picked up Iftaf Shaheen, 38, and Mizanur Rahman, 32, from Ramna area following investigation into the death of the victim.

In the face of interrogation, the arrestees disclosed that they had trafficked over 100 youths to a number of countries over the last several months.

Alluring them of giving good jobs with high salaries, the ring, which has been carrying out such activities for long, has also embezzled around Tk 8 crore, a RAB official said. 

RAB-3 Assistant Superintendent of Police (ASP) Khairul Kabir said Sajibul Islam, 35, the ringleader of the human trafficking ring, is currently staying in Turkey.

 The cycle tempts one to go to Serbia with a job at a monthly salary of Tk 60,000 and two annual bonuses plus free accommodation.

They even said if there was any problem in Serbia, they would bring him back to the country immediately.

The victim was sent to Serbia on November 16 last year in exchange for Tk 6 lakh.

Going there, he was given no work as promised. Unable to find work, the gang offered to send him to Italy illegally.

 On March 6 last, the victim's wife came to know over the phone that her husband had died in Serbia.

Based on the primary information gleaned from the detainees, ASP Khairul Kabir said the gang had been smuggling people abroad for a long time with tempting job offers and promising better life there.

The arrestees confessed to smuggling 100 people and embezzling around Tk 8 crore. A case has been filed against them with Savar Police Station.

Tempted by lucrative offers of the gangs to send them to some rich countries, including Italy, Spain, Greece and Serbia, many unemployed youths, selling their hard-earned wealth, are leaving the country for unknown destinations, detective sources said.

Finally, these job-seekers lose everything they have and return home empty-handed.

Besides, many meet watery burial in seas while making dangerous voyages to reach the destination countries while many are kept hostage by the ring members for ransom.

Many Bangladeshis, who were sent to Libya illegally, were repatriated over the last several years with the assistance of International Organization for Migration (IOM).

On March 10 last, 74 such Bangladeshi nationals returned home.