Monday, 4 July, 2022

Boxes for receiving complaints of women gather dust

Boxes for receiving complaints of women gather dust

The complaint boxes set up by Dhaka North City Corporation (DNCC) for receiving complaints regarding harassment or repression of women are now gathering dust.  

Sources said the DNCC set up the boxes in the offices of councillors and zonal executive officers in 2019 with a view to resolving the issues at the ward level to end violence against women.

The DNCC also formed a monitoring committee to oversee the complaints management issue.  

But the DNCC could not draw the attention of the target group to file the complaints in the box due to the indifference of the officials concerned and councillors.

Besides, the boxes were not set up appropriately and monitored regularly.

Besides, there was no mentionable campaign to encourage the victims to lodge complaint in the boxes for getting a redress of their grievances.

The correspondent visited DNCC zonal offices inMirpur 10, Mirpur-2, and Karwan Bazar and the offices of DNCC 11 and 17 no. ward councillors while no box was seen in 39 no. ward office recently.

A transparent glass box was seen at the entry gate of the DNCC Mirpur-10 zone but the box was empty during the visit. The complaint box was found near the prayer room which is hardly visible to visitors at the Karwan Bazar zone office.

The boxes were supposed to be set up in visible places such as the entry gate of an office.

Talking to the Daily Sun, Zonal Executive Officer of Karwan Bazar Zone Mutakabbir Ahmed said that he received no complaint in two months in office.

While informed about the placement of the box, he said, “I do not know where it is set up and how many complaints are there. I will look into the matter.”

The complaint boxes at the offices of 11 and 17 nos. ward councillors were also found empty inside their offices.

DNCC 11 no. ward councillor Dewan Abdul Mannan said that the box at the councillor's office was unnecessary.“When a justice seeker gets her councillor at office why she will post a written complaint?” he asked.

Talking to the Daily Sun,member of the Observation Committee, also DNCC Public Relation Officer Abul Bashar Muhammad Tajul Islam said that he never attended any meeting of the committee or got an invitation for it.

“I don’t know how many complaints are in the boxes. I can let you know after talking to the peopleconcerned,” he said.

When asked, DNCC Chief Social Welfare and Slum Development Officer Mohammad Mamun-Ul-Hassan said that he was unaware of the activities of the committee.