Tuesday, 24 May, 2022

Five star hotel in a water body!

Five star hotel in a water body!

A water body next to the Kuril flyover in the city presents a scenic beauty. Amidst the capital’s concrete jungle and alarming level of air and noise pollution, the place seems like a natural paradise where children go to play and people of all ages go for a breath of fresh air. The water body is also vital for drainage of rain water from Niketon, khilkhet and airport area. And yet, ignoring all these strategic importance of the water body and the relevant laws, Bangladesh Railway authorities have leased it out to an organisation for constructing a five star hotel and a shopping complex.

Thankfully, DNCC Mayor Atikul Islam intervened and conducted a drive in the area on Thursday to evict illegal encroachment. He stopped filling up of the water body and teared down a bill board of the project. From the spot he phoned the Railway minister and Railway DG, and asked them how they could approve a project on the water body. Railway DG reportedly claimed that he was not aware that there was a water body in the project location.

The DG’s claim is preposterous; and even if it is true, it manifests that the authorities are approving projects without visiting project location. It is mainly responsible for the mushroom growth of unplanned structures in the city. Anyway, the mayor made it clear to the railway authorities that he will not allow the project in the water body and asked them to quickly cancel its approval.

Driven by the spirit of making Dhaka a better city, Dhaka North City Corporation (DNCC) Mayor has been leading eviction drive to remove illegal structures from rivers, water bodies and other public spaces. We welcome the mayor’s determined step which shows his courage in the face of stiff opposition from vested powerful quarters. This is the type of leadership people expect from our leaders, and we hope the mayor would follow up the eviction drive and would not give in to any kind of pressure.