Tuesday, 24 May, 2022

Faster development means quicker benefits

Faster development means quicker benefits

We are glad that at long last, hopefully, the stalled work on the development projects will be starting simultaneously in all the 18 new wards of the Dhaka North City Corporation (DNCC), as declared by the mayor. The revenue budget of the city corporation will be utilised for the purpose. But we hope that the cutting of the budget on other projects to inject money into the development work in the new wards will not create new problems in other wards.

Though more than four years have passed since the annexation of the unions, yet no development work was done in any of them. The roads of all the new wards are in terrible shape, being narrow and broken down without any drainage connection in most of them. As a consequence, the dwellers of the newly added wards have been suffering from numerous problems related to narrow rickety roads, water logging, etc.

It took long three years after the said wards became part of the city corporation for the Executive Committee of the National Economic Council (ECNEC) to approve necessary fund for development of roads, construction of drainage lines and excavation of canals. But the city corporation could not start the development work in any of them due to shortage of funds, as the Ministry of Finance allocated much less than the required amount. This kind of lack of coordination between government auxiliaries is not uncommon in our country as far back as we can recall.

 So, despite the DNCC taking preparations twice in 2021 to start the projects, preparing a Local Area Action Plan for widening roads, footpaths, drainage networks and awarding the contract to the Bangladesh Army, the work remained halted due to fund shortage.

It is expected that administrative functions under the dynamic Digital Bangladesh of today, should be a lot different and also much improved, communication and coordination between various government departments now being just a click away. It is necessary to implement development projects as soon as possible after planning to enable faster reach of development benefits to the people to be enjoyed over a longer period of time.