Tuesday, 24 May, 2022

Groundwater depletion causes concern

Groundwater depletion causes concern

Water is the basis of all kinds of human activity. Our life and health care, economic production and social activity depend on it. But as the demand for water rises exponentially all over the world, its supply is becoming more and more erratic and uncertain. A report published in this daily suggests that the sinking groundwater table could disrupt domestic water supply, especially in rural areas where potable water is sourced from deep or shallow tube wells.

Experts have been repeatedly voicing concerns over gradual decline in groundwater table over the last few decades. Our too much dependence on groundwater, water pollution and encroachment of water bodies are primarily responsible for ground water depletion. Some of the extracted water is of course replenished but the amount is not of the same proportion. The continuous sinking of the groundwater table, apart from causing disruption in water supply, also holds the risk of land subsidence and other environmental calamities.

Bangladesh cannot be called a water-stressed country. Water is being increasingly viewed worldwide as a most sought-after resource while the country is reasonably well-endowed with this resource considering that other countries rarely possess such multiplicity of rivers crisscrossing their geographical territory.

So if we have become overwhelmingly dependent on groundwater, the problem is not scarcity of resource but uncontrolled population and poor water management. As part of improved water management, rainwater has to be harvested. At least rainwater must be preserved to supplement some of our water needs. The rivers across the country should be maintained properly so that they may be used as source of clean water.

And to ensure sufficiency of surface water it is necessary that management of water and lands should be improved. Unplanned urbanization and industrialization should be replaced with planned industrial zones and housing projects where use of surface water should be encouraged.