Friday, 27 May, 2022

‘Smritir Patay Bela Bose-2’ on Anjan Dutt’s birthday

‘Smritir Patay Bela Bose-2’ on Anjan Dutt’s birthday

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After short film ‘Smritir Patay Bela Bose’, a music video titled ‘Smritir Patay Bela Bose-2’ has been made. The music video is based on Anjan Dutt’s popular song 2441139.

Asaduzzaman Azad and Ahmed Sabbir Romeo have jointly directed the video. 

Gautam Kumar Ghose has lent his voice to the song. Gautam Kumar also has written the lyrics   of the track while Pappu has re-arranged the music. Anjan Dutt is the main composer of the song. 

Dhallywood actor Aman Reza, dancer-actor Priyanka Islam, Kashmir and Sabbir Romeo will be seen performing in the music video. 

The video will be released on the YouTube channel of Azad Music Station today, marking the 69th birthday of Anjan Dutt.