Monday, 23 May, 2022

A noble political culture

A noble political culture

Politics is about serving the people and the country. Despite the similar objectives, opposing political parties have different political ideals, views and methods of serving the country. So, the diametrically opposed political ideals clash very often, creating a vindictive political culture. 

It is an uncommon sight for the people of Bangladesh to witness a friendly meeting between the winner and loser of an election right after a bitterly contested poll. It has become more of a tradition for the loser to slam the winner with accusations of employing unfair means in the polls, deterring opposition supporters from entering polling booths, not letting voters cast their votes, etc. while the winner-takes-it-all attitude of the winning side keeps adding fuel to the already blazing fire in the hearts and minds of the losing side.

Therefore, when Narayanganj City Corporation mayor-elect Dr Selina Hayat Ivy visited Taimur Alam Khandaker, her nearest rival in the city polls, and he welcomed her graciously at his residence, they created history together! This may be a small matter for those unfamiliar with the political culture of Bangladesh. For those in the know, this is a landmark incident which may have sown the seeds of a new political culture in the political arena of Bangladesh.

The two leaders of Narayanganj have set a glaring example for all, traversing a new path of positive political culture by displaying unparalleled congeniality towards each other and by-passing the traditional negative culture of post-poll slander. 

In fact, Ivy going to share the joy of her victory with Taimur, by offering him sweets and a bouquet, promising to take his advice while undertaking development works in Narayanganj and generally being modest about her victory is a rare phenomenon in our political culture.

That they spent some time together exchanging pleasantries and revealing the otherwise close ties that exist between their families, has truly charmed all who witnessed the meeting of the two political stalwarts of Narayanganj.

They have shown a light at the end of the tunnel in the politics of Bangladesh. In fact, the violence, slander and undemocratic acts which have cast a long dark shadow on politics in Bangladesh, will be overcome if others also follow the example set by Narayanganj.