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An inspiring political gesture

Ivy meets Taimur with flowers, sweets

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  • 18 January, 2022 12:00 AM
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An inspiring political gesture
Mayor-elect of Narayanganj City Corporation Dr Selina Hayat Ivy rushes to the residence of her nearest rival in the city polls Taimur Alam Khandaker in Narayanganj city on Monday and shares her victory with him after offering him sweets. – SUN PHOTO

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Narayanganj City Corporation (NCC) polls have not only made nation hopeful about the future politics of the country but also have set an example of excellent political gesture the politicians should follow.

NCC mayor-elect Dr Selina Hayat Ivy went to meet her main rival Advocate Taimur Alam Khandaker with a bouquet and sweets on Monday a day after her stunning victory in the city polls.

Ivy arrived at Masdaire residence of Taimur Alam in the city at 5:00pm. Taimur Alam and his family members welcomed the mayor-elect.

Ivy and Taimur Alam exchanged pleasantries and fed each other sweets. Many leaders and activists were present at that time. After some time, the duo sat together and then spoke to the media.

Addressing Timur as her uncle, Ivy said she has a good family relationship with him (Taimur Alam).

“I have a family relationship with him. If I go to my father’s grave to offer prayers, I also go to the grave of grandmother (Taimur Alam’s mother),” she said.

Ivy said she will definitely take his (Taimur Alam) advice. “I took a lot of suggestions from my ‘uncle’ when I was the mayor of Narayanganj municipality,” she added.

“When election comes we talk lot of things against each other. The election is now over. We’ll forget those and move forward and continue work for the development of Narayanganj,” she said. Ivy also said they will maintain good relations existing between their families.

Taimur Alam told the media that their electoral competition has become a past and he has a heartfelt relationship with Ivy.

“Winning or losing is not an issue in politics. We’ve family relationship with her (Ivy) for years. My niece (Ivy) has come to her uncle’s house. A daughter has come to her father’s house. There is no politics here,” he said.

“I joined student politics through her (Ivy’s) father Ali Ahmed Chunka. My respect for him will last forever,” Taimur Alam said, adding that his relationship with Ivy is beyond politics.

At one point Taimur Alam put his hands on Ivy’s head and wished her success. He said this relationship will never be broken. He also urged all to cooperate with Ivy.

Earlier, Selina Hayat Ivy told media that she wanted to meet Taimur Alam in the morning but he was not at the house at that time.

Taimur Alam said he went to the court in the morning pleading for bail of his leaders and activists who were arrested during his poll campaign.

Awami League candidate Ivy has been elected Narayanganj city mayor for a third consecutive term defeating Taimur Alam by a big margin in the city polls held in free, fair and peaceful manner.

Ivy bagged 1,59,097 votes while independent contender Taimur Alam, a BNP veteran who was expelled from the party for joining the polls, got 92,166 votes.