Tuesday, 17 May, 2022

Lockdown is not the solution to Omicron

As the global coronavirus epidemic spreads, all countries are dealing with it to the best of their ability. The horrors of Corona are taking a new form and Omicron is continuing to torment the whole world. In order to avoid coronavirus, public gatherings in Bangladesh have been banned. A long time may be needed to overcome the socio-psychological and economic recession that the coronavirus has already created in the world.

Many small-medium and even large-scale industries have closed, leaving thousands unemployed. At present, as the impact of Omicron grows on in the country, the government will have to take drastic measures to ensure hygiene from the lowest to the highest levels of society. Again, prolonged lockdowns could pose a huge threat to social, economic and mental health.

Poor people will be completely depleted of resources, not only the poor but many people in the society will go below the poverty line due to economic slowdown. The day labourers will starve to death without help from the government and private sources. Small and medium-sized businesses that have made up for the loss of the first lockdown and immersed themselves in the struggle for life will be stunned once again.

The governments of other countries of the world have given different kinds of economic aid to their people. The people in our country also did get some help. But it is not enough to see them through. Therefore, the government should keep the economic momentum going without imposing any lockdown, focus on hygiene and speed up vaccination activities.


Arifa Akter, Sociology Department, Jagannath University