Wednesday, 26 January, 2022

Glowing Homecoming of the Champion of Freedom

Md. Ziaul Haque Howlader

Bangabandhu’s homecoming day is the most remarkable of the newly-independent country in various aspects. Billions of people were eagerly waiting to see their greatest hero return alive to his beloved newly liberated motherland. On 10th January 1972, the greatest-ever Bengali, the undisputed leader, the father of the nation returned to his beloved motherland with a mammoth reception accorded by millions of people. The champion of freedom, the liberator of billions of oppressed people, landed on this day with a big smile - the reflection of the greatest victory of Bangladesh. The return of Bangabandhu fulfilled the dream of billions of people. Meanwhile on 16 December 1971, Bangladesh became independent, but it was like as if the people were on board a rudderless boat. With the arrival of Bangabandhu, Bangladesh found its fullest form of freedom. People were in a buoyant mood receiving their leader who was in the juncture of life and death in the jail of West Pakistan for the last 10 months. The newly born baby Bangladesh got its beloved father to guide to become grown up and stand on own foot under his supervised affection and care.

The return of Bangabandhu meant freedom had embarked on its right track, the economy moved towards its proper trajectory, people could speak, smile to their heart’s content. Bangabandhu was the pivot of all hope for the survival of the Bengali nation. Upon his return, Bangabandhu started building the war-ravaged country with his all efforts. With the limited resources, he put Bangladesh’ economy on a right track, much of which was demolished by the Pakistani army. Bangabandhu framed necessary policies and ordinances for the immediate journey of the state machinery. His first 5-year plan was the solid foundation of our economy. He pulled in all available intellectuals of the country and asked them to help him in building the Sonar Bangla (Golden Bengal).

The date - January 10 is a red-letter day in the history of Bangladesh, as it got back alive its father, the most courageous leader who dared to face ensuing death while in the jail of Pakistan. Such a courageous leader pulled the country out of the deepest quagmire. People broke the shackles of oppression and economic exploitation under the leadership of Bangabandhu. If Bangabandhu hadn’t returned alive, the history of the country might have been different. Bangabandhu’s return elated millions of youths to engage themselves to build the country, holding their heads high. The return of Bangabandhu alive proves that the Bengalis can do and undo anything, as well as sacrifice their lives for their beloved motherland.

We hadn’t been aware of the plans of rebuilding Bangladesh, it was Bangabandhu who had in place all the plans of building Sonar Bangla. When foreign journalists asked how Bangabandhu would build the country devastated by the Pakistani army, he emphatically replied we have natural resources and millions of people who would help build the country. We were really lucky to have such a great leader, who showed us a dream and then materialised our dream. Bangabandhu’s return to this soil as a victorious hero will remain in the hearts of the Bengali people as one the most memorable day in thousands of years of history of Bangladesh.

The father who loved his country and people so dearly and sacrificed his life for these people, we should pay-back him with due honour. We should be out and out patriotic. We should uphold his ideology to build a prosperous Bangladesh. We should shun lethargy in our work, give up corruption and get ready to protect the freedom of our motherland by any means. The ideology of the Father of the Nation will exist in the country as long as Bangladesh survives. However, we must engage ourselves to develop Bangladesh with patriotism. Bangabandhu should be the idol of the youths of Bangladesh. We must move ahead upholding the philosophy of Bangabandhu. We must read the books written by Bangabandhu – ‘The Unfinished Memoirs’, ‘’Prison Diaries’ and ‘The New China as I saw’. Also, we must read all the research documents carried out on the Philosophy of Bangabandhu. Let’s uphold Bangabandhu’s Philosophy and engage ourselves in building the Sonar Bangla of his dreams.


The writer is a senior manager, BPC