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Pygmalion Effect vs. Golem Effect on Students

Md. Shajahan Miah

Pygmalion Effect vs. Golem Effect on Students
Md. Shajahan Miah

It is really and truly verified in the human resource management and other corporate sectors that both Pygmalion and golem effects exponentially and ostensibly act on. Very frequently , in our day to day activities, we have to face some sorts of challenges which sometimes steer our mood and sometime we get  confused  with what to do or what to be done. Someone wants to micromanage and put the subordinate under heavy duress to gain more undue grounds or someone becomes hell bent on and does his damnedest to capitalize on the second fiddle. Though both effects have contradictory opinions, we must give a wide berth to such golem effect in our professional activities as it may incur negative outcomes in regard to our sensitive students who are more susceptible to plummet at the downhill or who are not able to face off the challenges and finally a bleak offshoot downgrades their downy dreams.

 If we shed light on our higher education, it has been seen that golem effect has a little output for the students of higher education; as these students can realize the reality or sometimes they cast untold challenge to their teachers.

But in case of girls the scenario is topsy-turvy; female students are very emotional and they cannot bear the direct insult or rebuff in front of their fellow mates. Regrettably, it has been found that many students have committed suicide or have taken aberrant paths.

Students from primary level or secondary level understandably give more priority to the teachers than parents and that is why teachers must foresee the students’ future regarding to not only education and career but also nuptial matters especially for the female students whom guardians target to marry off. A close research shows that students who are good in study and have potentialities and especially from rich or middle class family get opportunities to study. On the other hand, students from poor family or even middle or rich family lose the opportunities to study, as their parents take it into their mind that their children would not go far with education. A teacher should work at this level and counsel the guardian and use Pygmalion effect.

Both Pygmalion and Golem effects have different outcomes in different settings of institution. Teachers are not weighed up by higher tiers of the government especially in Bangladesh. Moreover, political recruitment or involvement in politics gives an extra bout exercising misfeasance and nonfeasance to duties. On the other hand, teachers sitting on the fence are kept busy prescribing more duties. And sometimes they are chastised and admonished by the authority. A teacher may have some shortcomings in his tactics and techniques. In this case, authority may encourage and use Pygmalion effect to turn at real point. But what will be results of golem effect and what can be done to recover it. The Golem effect in the primary or pre-primary level sadly effects on the student’s mind as they are not ready to receive chastise or rebuff from teachers or superiors. At this level, students are very sensitive, and we must not hit on their soft mind; rather teachers should reshape students’ minds that are really tabula rasa. They should help them forget the negative aspects and prod to create new thing that they are interested in.

Some accessories like school bags, shoes, dress etc have another effect on the students. It is very tear jerking that some students from poor family or middle class family have no abilities to meet the demand of their children. As a result, students of these families go through inferiority complex. They stare at the other students who have such dress, bags and shoes. It is very pathetic that student who have no shoes to wear they suffer very mental conflict. They look to and fro to another student who has these essentials. So to avoid such situation and scenarios, we must ensure equal ground for students that will act as a Pygmalion effect. Now, let us redeem what kind of steps are going to be taken or have been taken by our concerned officials to meet up the challenges which are militating against our mission and vision. Teachers might be brought under TOT program based on counselling. Are our teachers taking information personally or toeing the lines concerning to the students’ personal problems?  We, the teacher have some extra onera related to students and social milieu. A teacher should have a cosmopolitan approach to students and it must be infused in the mind of students. But our teacher at higher level and engaged in private universities have set up a bourgeois curtain. They are more concerned with money making than thinking about the students of their own department. At secondary or higher secondary level, teachers are at a rat race of private tuition program which is disorienting them from imparting real education. As a result, students of poor family or middle class family are not getting proper teaching and for which they are to suffer mental pressure. Our teaching and teachers’ motivation can minimize the gaps. At the same time, authorities of the private institution would be able to redress a sound environment polishing the teachers. Otherwise it may hamper our goals.


The writer is a teacher at SKS

Foundation, Gaibandha. Gmail:

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