Friday, 21 January, 2022

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Fiverr Bangladesh hosts freelancer meetup

Fiverr Bangladesh community has organized ‘the biggest meetup for freelancers’ working with the outsourcing platform. The meetup is held on Friday supported by Creative IT Institute and Creative Fabrica.

Fiverr community leaders ViserX CEO Faisal Mustafa, Instructory CEO Rifat M Huq, Creative IT Managing Director Monir Hossain, Creative Fabrica community manager Riduwan Molla, QT Academy founder Ahosan Uddin Noman, Bangladesh Freelancer Development Society Chairman Dr Tanjiba Rahman, Learn With Hasin Hayder's founder Hasin Hayder, DewApples Founder Kamruzzaman Sishir, Zaman Talk's Author Golam Kamruzzaman, ICITP Founder Sharif Muhammad Shahjahan were, among top freelancers and tech professionals, participated in the event. Fiverr community leader Faisal Mustafa said freelancers are much more likely to be entrepreneurs, which will generate foreign remittance as well as employment for many people. Fiverr Bangladesh group