Saturday, 22 January, 2022

India Inc raises over Rs 9trn thru equity, debt issuances in 2021

NEW DELHI: Indian companies have mopped up more than Rs 9 lakh crore through equity and debt routes in 2021 to meet their renewed thirst for business expansion in a buoyant stock market brimming with liquidity and helped by recovering macroeconomic indicators after pandemic-ravaged first few months.

Unless the still-evolving Omicron situation plays spoilsport, the next year is expected to be much more robust in terms of fund-raising activities and there seems to be no dearth of funds, experts said, reports AFP.

"The banks have been sitting on surplus liquidity for quite a while and there should be enough appetite for quality borrowers, said Ricky Kirpalani, Lead Sponsor, First Water Capital Fund.

In the year passing by, fund mobilisation through debt markets has fallen sharply, while the equity fund raising has been robust and the stock market bull-run with liquidity all-around has resulted in record fund-raising through initial public offerings (IPOs).