Thursday, 20 January, 2022

Sisimpur nominated for Int’l Kidscreen Awards

Sisimpur nominated for Int’l Kidscreen Awards

Popular children programme Sisimpur has been nominated for the prestigious Kidscreen Awards. The 13th season of Sisimpur has got this nomination in the category of ‘Best Mixed Media Series’ along with other two internationally renowned children programmes. 

Kidscreen Awards rewards in different categories including best series, animated films and live action programmes developed for kids and family audience around the world. The winners’ names for the award will be announced in February through an award ceremony.

In expressing his excitement for being nominated for the prestigious Kidscreen Awards, the Executive Director of Sisimpur Mohammad Shah Alam said, “This is undoubtedly a delightful message. Kidscreen Awards is very much prestigious for the children’s programme worldwide. Sisimpur has been nominated among the best three competing with leading child-friendly programmes in the world. I believe this is a matter of great pride for us which will tremendously encourage our future works.”

This is mentionable that Sisimpur was also awarded as the best child-friendly programme in a survey conducted by BBC World Service Trust in 2010 and was nominated as the third-best popular programme in overall categories.