Friday, 20 May, 2022

India test-fires nuclear capable missile

In a significant development, India successfully test-fired the nuclear-capable strategic Agni Prime missile off the coast of Odisha with the capability to hit targets between 1,000 to 2,000 kms on Saturday.

"India today (Saturday) successfully testfired the Agni Prime missile off the coast of Odisha in Balasore. Agni Prime is a new generation advanced variant of the Agni class of missiles. It is a canisterised missile with a range capability between 1,000 and 2,000 kms," government officials told ANI. A lot of new features have been added to the nuclear-capable  strategic missile Agni Prime during this test. The missile test met all its mission objectives with a high level of accuracy, they said.

The last test of the missile was done on June 28 this year and the missile is nearing complete development and it is expected to be soon ready for operational induction into the strategic forces.

India is in the process of further strengthening its strategic missiles arsenal by adopting newer technologies and capabilities.

The Agni-5 missile was also tested recently with success.