Monday, 24 January, 2022

Groom Gen Next with good examples

Groom Gen Next with good examples

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We are citizens of an independent Bangladesh because Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman strived all his life for the Bengali nation to have self-rule. His dream to establish an equitable and just society, free from hunger and poverty, could not be possible without freedom from alien domination. Thus, he inspired the nation to stand up and fight for their rights. After a bloody war, thrust upon the unwary Bengalis, in which millions sacrificed their lives, Bangladesh became independent. But Bangabandhu could not fulfil his dream of golden Bangladesh due to his untimely death. The subsequent regimes took little initiative to establish the just society for which innumerable Bengalis courageously laid down their lives in 1971, so that the future generations can enjoy the fruits of freedom.

Thus, on this 50th anniversary year of our independence and 49th anniversary of the Jubo League, Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina, the eldest child of Bangabandhu, has urged the youths to prepare themselves so that they can take the country forward towards progress and prosperity. The people of the country look towards the youths to fulfil the golden Bangladesh of Bangabandhu’s dreams. If we look at the developed nations of the world, we can understand that none of them achieved it overnight. In fact, the progress of any nation can be likened to a relay race, a game played by children. Just like the relay race, each generation of a country takes it a few steps forward, with subsequent generations taking up the helm to lead the country towards prosperity and progress. Therefore, Sheikh Hasina is asking the youths to fulfil their responsibility towards their motherland, by preparing themselves well so that they can take the country forward in the future.

To actively assist the Premier’s efforts, political and business leaders, intellectuals, technocrats and prominent people of the country must come forward to inspire and guide the youths to remain on the right path. They must also set excellent examples for our youths to follow. Young people need role models to look up to with reverence, to inspire them. It is vital to mentor the youths to be patriotic, inspired, follow the right path and serve the country with patriotism. The present generation must groom Gen Next to serve the nation to fulfil the dreams of Bangabandhu in the future.